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Chaos and Gloating in Las Pegasus Chapter 1
Chapter 1: Off-Stage Trouble
The city named Las Pegasus shone with a light rivaling that of the beautiful nocturnal sky itself; this could be said both literally and metaphorically.
Despite existing merely as a side jewel in Equestria’s Crown – paltry compared to the megalopolitan cities of Manehattan and the queendom's capital, Canterlot – and even though it was the youngest amongst its siblings, the glorious metropolis was the most beautiful girl at the party to its many visitors.
Founded only seventy years prior to the return of Nightmare Moon, Las Pegasus began as a Manehattan gangster's wash up operation that quite clearly got out of hoof – or so the legends were told, anyway. The city brought joy, thrills, and excitement to its capricious yet faithful visitors, as well as monumental profit for its inhabitants and owners.
Each night the city would offer a similar view to all those daring enough to enter its gates, and yet, every experience was somehow uniqu
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A couple of Lunatics by GUILLE832 A couple of Lunatics :iconguille832:GUILLE832 52 8
The Flames of Peace: Chapter 1
Chapter 1: The Price of Arrogance
The sky appeared to burn over the dragon lands. Red tones mixed with flaming oranges, giving life to colors one would only consider possible within the very Sun. Cumulus clouds would look welcoming to a tired pegasi were it not for the raging beasts that populated that area. The hot summer breeze punished an already warm habitat; no creature except a dragon would be able to stand that kind of heat without constant refreshment for more than a few minutes.
Rock formations of all shapes stood proud for the scarce eyes that would be laid upon them. They were so curious in their forms and sizes, that they could fool anyone into thinking that had been purposely erected as such; in some cases, they would not be wrong. For millennia, those piles of stones had been the objects of lethargy for dragons of all kinds; big and small, peaceful or fierce, alive and dead. However, dragons are fickle creatures and they would not spend much time in the same rest space...
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Blood Ties Chapter II: Tirek
Gleaming, as enrapturing as lethal. Flare succeeded by darkness; the sun settles in the firmament, while the moon slowly manifests its beauty. Your presence in this realm is always welcomed, Scorpan.
I feel the heaviness over my shoulders, the weight of the provisions I have acquired. I consumed most of them during my haul, but I have not wasted the least bit of them. I can´t afford it.
I stand before the cave entrance; my feet claiming with pain after the little rest I offered them in the last hours. My wing´s state is not any better; they were the first ones to succumb to exhaustion. But here I am, finally, at home. At least what I can call “home”. Mother and Father used to tell us that wherever you feel loved can be refuge from penury. This great, vacuous, fetid cave is anything but snug, but I still dare to qualify it as a home. Thanks to the company.
I am about to step forward, yet I can´t help but hesitate. A month has passed since I left it, u
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Legacy of Starswirl by GUILLE832 Legacy of Starswirl :iconguille832:GUILLE832 27 5 Queen of the Streets (I borrowed a title!) by GUILLE832 Queen of the Streets (I borrowed a title!) :iconguille832:GUILLE832 65 19 Pals in Evil by GUILLE832 Pals in Evil :iconguille832:GUILLE832 53 14
This wasn´t what Discord had planned at all. He simply didn´t quite comprehend the forces he was playing with. Of course, he obtained the result the yearned for, right? But at what cost?
After Tirek´s fall and Discord´s redemption he, the master of chaos and mayhem has utterly confused. How somepony could have forgiven him after having already being offered a chance for redemption? He had turned the world upside down, destroyed Equestria´s sanity, disrupted Twilight´s friends and submitted her to the sadistic torture of contemplating everything she had ever loved being burnt to ashes for his sole rejoice. He had been punished, obviously. And then, Celestia had held a caring hoof for him, allowing him to be reformed. He had mocked such proposition and deliberately attempted to ruin it, and still, his new and only friend never gave up on him. Despite his numerous flaws, she still cared about him and treated him as an equal. And at the first opportunity he ob
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Blood Ties Chapter 1: Celestia
It is easy to discern the difference between my homeland and Equestria. I know that after a millennium of rigorous care the vast wasteland that I consider my home has greatly improved, but it has not even regained half of the beauty my brother and I snatched from it. While in Equestria trees and lush vegetation propagates rejoicing its inhabitants with its beauty, at home nothing but moribund and sinuous branches delight our sight. Green meadows on which young ponies can jump and play with joy flourish almost everywhere, while we have to be content with sterile grounds on which not even the remotest vestige of grass has been witnessed in centuries. Happiness is not a rare resource in this land, and I can´t help but feel envy. Was that the reason why I agreed to assail Equestria and its joyful inhabitants, apart from the pleasure of serving my brother as he would have served me in a common quest? I can´t be sure, and damn it, I don´t want to. The things we did… Ther
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Chemistry of My Heart by GUILLE832 Chemistry of My Heart :iconguille832:GUILLE832 2 3
Son of Chaos Epilogue: Whispered Promises
Here I stand, alone. Not as though this is anything new. Sad but true, isn’t it? But time mitigates the feeling, although a small part of it refuses to die. It´s like a burning wound—a bitter taste on your tongue that chooses to remain. I admit it, fighting it had always been futile; however, that did not dissuade my attempts. Such efforts would only ever meet failure, again and again, in a similar fashion to the disappointing conclusion of a book that, no matter how many times you read it, does not change. The ensuing despair corroded my soul just as rust devours even the purest metals. Because I remember—I was once pure. I am sure of it. An innocent infant in a cruel world, with but a single being to stop his fall… Until she disappeared. It´s curious, because since I returned from, well, wherever I’ve been, it’s become harder to remember. The features of her visage are now obscured, her voice is now distorted, and I can hardly reca
:iconguille832:GUILLE832 13 18
Son of Chaos Chapter 6: The birth of the beast
The icy cold of the lake water sent chills resonating through every last nerve in Draco´s body. As he sank deeper and deeper, he felt the pressure grow stronger against his body. Draco began feeling sharp pains all across his body within the first 30 meters of his plunge. Keeping his eyes closed, he attempted to recall a joyful memory; he wanted something pleasant to carry with him to wherever he was going.
Draco had never given much thought to what came after life, but as he neared its edge, he couldn´t help but to feel some curiosity. Maybe it would be a peaceful rest after a life of suffering; perhaps the afterlife would be filled with an eternity of torment and pain- even more tortuous that the life he had just ended. Or maybe what followed was nothing except the cold embrace of darkness as farewell. The only sure thing was the slow death beforehand.
It wasn´t nearly as fast as he thought it would be. Draco soon came to regret his days of training to increase his
:iconguille832:GUILLE832 14 25
Son of Chaos Chapter 5: A monster, am I?
Draco continued to watch the scene unfolding before him- with those two angelical mares in his domain. Little Luna was splashing and laughing as, coincidentally, he had done countless times before. Celestia, on the other hand, simply sat and observed her sister.
“Come on, the water´s great! You have to try it!” Luna said, laughing.
“I´ve already told you that if we´re wet when we return home, they’ll realize where we´ve been. And we´ll be in big trouble,” Celestia replied. “I don´t want to be blamed.”
Luna submerged her head in the lake and proceeded to spit the water into the air, imitating a fountain. She then repeated the action, this time spitting toward her sister in a playful manner. Celestia jumped back to avoid Luna’s line of fire and shot her an annoyed glance. Luna answered her gaze with an innocent smile.
“You´re too serious, sister. Why don´t you try to have some fun? At th
:iconguille832:GUILLE832 18 29
Son of Chaos Chapter 4: A last ray of hope
Two years. That was all the time Draco had needed to become an animal.
The forest was now his home: the only secure place for him. But even there it seemed that its inhabitants knew his past. Even within the monsters, he was rejected. In a sense, it served as his prison- like his house, but different. All the forest was his. Draco knew every last spot, every rock, every tree, where best places to hunt were, and where the best fruits grew.
Now there was nopony to talk to. In two years, he hadn´t spoken to anyone. In the rare occasion that words came from his mouth, he simply threw them to the air- just for the pleasure of hearing something other than an angry roar. Draco could only roar at his savage neighbors. After all, he had to look strong in order to show them who was the ruler. But even he, who was a considerably sanguinary beast, didn´t dare approach the limits of the forest which connected with the resplendent city of Canterlot.
From time to time, when Draco lay in t
:iconguille832:GUILLE832 16 20
Son of Chaos Chapter 3: Hellfire
In a dark place which had never seen the Sun, a strange being was prowling. The creature, composed of darkness itself, paced back and forth. He had been more patient previously, but that was only because he had Harmony as company. Now, completely alone in the darkness of his domain, patience escaped him. He was not at all prepared for being alone.  Through all those millions of years before, he had his sister. Time moves much more quickly when you´re having fun; those centuries and millennia had passed like hours compared to the time he spent alone. Twenty years had passed since he last saw Harmony, and his sole driving purpose was to continue to watch his creation- a creation he was proud of. After all, the draconequus represented chaos itself, or, so he thought. Chaos hadn’t considered Grey Weather´s influence. He expected her to try to drown her son, after which Chaos would have saved him. The hate within Draco after being rejected by his own family would have
:iconguille832:GUILLE832 17 25
Son of Chaos Chapter 2: Happy Birthday Draco
After 15 years, things had changed considerably. For example, the prediction had continued to progress, and a second alicorn had born ten years after the first one. She was named Luna.
After ponies of the village went to Sun Pride´s home to learn if his son had been born, Sun Pride told them that the baby had born the previous night. And as it was predicted, he was a monster, so he decided to drown him. He also explained that the death of the baby had unsettled Grey Weather´s mind, and she had left home. That explanation fit very well with Grey Weather´s behavior. She was hardly ever seen by the village anymore. The few times they could see her were when she went to the market to buy food. Thus, the fame of her insanity continued to grow.
However, her unusual behavior was the result of another thing entirely. Grey Weather was spending all her time at the abandoned house taking care of Draco. He had grown up a lot; although he was only fifteen, he was already taller th
:iconguille832:GUILLE832 20 12


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Hello, my loyal, so loyal I don´t even to talk to to know they´re real and there, and I´m not completely alone, watchers!
I recently made a music video of the popular cartoon series Wander Over Yonder, with one of the best punk bands of all time, the Offspring.
I thought you might want to check it out.
Thanks, and I hope you enjoy it!


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